Covers for Series


Here is an interesting question. I have two series, Gemini is 5 books and SIMPOC is currently 2 and it will likely grow further. My question is about the covers. Should the covers follow a consistent visual theme or should they be somewhat standalone. I’ve followed some series where the title, sub-title or covers change and the follow-on volumes aren’t clear as such.

In my opinion I’m following a pretty obvious visual format for both of the series, I feel that someone scanning through AKD will see the connection and know that vol 2 is connected to vol 1.

What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Covers for Series

  1. Yes: I’ll go along with the consistency angle. There is nothing so important to a writer as the “brand”. For well-known authors, their name is enough, but for those of us who are still striving to be discovered, anything that will increase the all-important brand is to be seized with both hands. I own paperback copies of all six of the original Dune novels that have covers that are so consistent that even the spines form a little tableau when placed in order. I love those books 🙂

  2. I like a theme so that the books in the collection look as though they belong together. To readers who like the first book, the whole set would look super delicious. 🙂

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