Need Input on book covers


I would like some input on one of my series book covers. This is the one currently available on Amazon and I’ll be releasing another in the series in the next couple of week. That cover will be same as this one with a different color font and different sub title.

So, before I commit to far into the series I’d like some input on this. Do you think this is professional and attractive enough. On Amazon the cover is critical to get people to take the first look. So please let me know what you think.





9 thoughts on “Need Input on book covers

  1. Diane Walters

    If you change the second book won’t you have to change the first again? What bothers me about it is the background is in a bit of competition with the fonts. I had to really squint and lean in to read the subtitle. If you want to keep the background on the second one and save money on the first, I’d say just mute the background color a tad so it isn’t so overpowering. Or white-box the fonts.

    If you have the ability to change the cover, my choice would be to mute the font color a little and make it smaller on the background. But, I realize that is just a personal choice. It won’t affect the readability either way.

  2. I would want to see more options before committing to that. As is, the design isn’t something that catches my eye.

    Do you have to pick a basic design from a menu of sorts, or can you create a completely new design?

  3. My first-glance, gut reaction to the cover (due to the green numbers on white background) was that it was a financial book. Of course, when I realized all the digits were ones and zeros, this changed, but if I was looking at a long list of books I might have skipped over this one. Green numbers on a black background would have said ‘computer’ to me, but I’m not sure that younger people would get the same message. The ones and zeros also appear a bit fuzzy on my screen, but that’s probably necessary for the title to get the focus.

    I don’t know that I’d list out the acronym on the cover. The ones and zeros already say that it’s a computer-related story, and the fact that the computers are synapse-integrated and organic doesn’t tell me much beyond that. Is this a scary computer complex in Cheyenne mountain, or a distributed system of computer implants in people’s brains? I’d leave the acronym off, and let people read your blurb.

    My opinion is that if you’re going to have that much text on the cover, it would need to give off a stronger “read me!” message: “The computer that ate the world” or “When the computer’s in your brain, who’s in control?”. OK, those are cheezy, but you get the idea. But I think the title along with the computer implication of the background is enough. Once people realize your book is computer-related, they will either skip over it (in which case your blurb probably wouldn’t have convinced them to read) or they will be intrigued and check out your blurb.

  4. Boring. Just plain boring. There is nothing about it that would entice me to even read the blurb, because as one of the other people said, you can’t even read the title. For me, a sci fi cover needs to have punch. Even if it is about a computer. Especially if it is about a computer.

  5. The idea of binary numbers could work, but the current design makes me think of a computer programming guide instead of a science fiction novel. Maybe the letters in the title itself could be made of tiny 0’s and 1’s.

  6. The cover does not really stand out. First impression was that it was a book about computer programming. Even reading the title did little to change my first thought because I was thinking “what does that have to go with programming?”

  7. I like the one that just popped up on, with the black background and the code wrapped in the shape of a sphere/globe. That’s a cover that makes me stop to take a second look. The white text on black background for the Title & author is also more distinct.

  8. Needs more pizazz, too plain. It doesn’t tell me anything about the book. Just being honest.
    Thanks for following my blog. Will follow you too. Hope to see a new cover. Best wishes.

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