SIMPOC Book Covers



All great inputs, I appreciate all of them. I decided to stay with cover with a focus on binary numbers, although a much different style. I agree, that for many people binary numbers will mean different things. I’ve tried to make it simpler and let the font stand out better. I went this way for no other reason than I can’t think of another way to depict a computer. Perhaps I’m dense.

Also I don’t want to wear you guys out, because I have another book series named Gemini, on which I’d like your inputs. I’ll send that cover out later this week for comments.

I agree 100% with having a pro do them, but I’m a typical ‘new’ author. All total I’ve got 8 books in two series coming out. I’m not in the position to spend $100+/cover for all of them, so I’m taking the PowerPoint route and trying to unleash ‘my creative side’.

If I can make some $ on the first releases then I’ll make the investment for a pro. I don’t want to but, these will be for sale for a long time so if necessary I’ll update the covers later on.

I’d still love any feedback, plus or minus.


6 thoughts on “SIMPOC Book Covers

  1. I’ve really enjoyed watching this cover come together over your blog. I’m in much the same situation: would love to have a pro do it, but just don’t have the budget. Covers are still probably the steepest part of the learning curve for me.

    If I can make one suggestion, I’d keep playing with the fonts. They just seem a little flat and generic to me. is a goldmine of free fonts, I’ve found, and well-organized with categories to get you in the ballpark of what you’re looking for. (I just downloaded about 20 new fonts there the other night to try out with the cover I’m currently doing.)

    • Thanks I’ll check out those fonts. I appreciate the comments of another ‘new author’. Most of the advice I get are from a different perspective. They’re all well meaning, but I think most of them forget what its like to start with a ZERO budget and big ideas. I realize that to become successful a certain amount of investment has to be made, but too much to soon might result in too little too late.

      I do want to move over into the successful column as soon as possible and I’m hoping that my two series will work out. Right now I’m writing because I enjoy it and I’m retired so I can take the time to ‘learn’ the right way.

  2. Yes I agree —looks good Ray! I still have that 2 in my head though—I noticed all the numbers are 1 & 0– on the 2nd book why not—0’s & 2’s—you could have a 2 come out of the center with a 3-D affect.–hahaha just a thought—–can’t wait till I can read that #2 book— no matter what it looks like—-hahaha—you guy’s have a good one!

    • I give you a line about how I found a fantastic pro that creates covers for peanuts, or I could just admit that I downloaded a free image from and I used PowerPoint to put it together.

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