Life of an author


I have my next series Gemini in the hands of a number of authors who are graciously giving it one more look-at. I’m pleased to say that the early returns are great; far better than I expected, but I have noticed a humorous trend which many author’s can relate to.

Three of the reviews have such different opinions. Reviewer one, is very positive, loves the back-story, the second reviewer is also saying good things but he wants the action to be sooner and to put the back-story later in the book, the third reviewer likes the book but has suggested that I take one paragraph of the back-story and expand it into two chapters.

How can an author reconcile each of the comments? I guess the good news is that, being the author, I can ignore them, try to satisfy them, take a little from each of them and try to improve the book, or just do what I want.

Interesting, and fun, dilemma.


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