Book pricing?


Got a questions for my hordes of readers! ;>

My first book SIMPOC was listed at 99 cents and the purchases were moderate. The second book in the series “SIMPOC – Human Remnants” will be out by the end of July. I’m debating about the price for the two books. Should I price the second one at $2.99, should I change the price of the first book to $2.99? Should the second one be $.99 also?

There is a large debate among authors regarding ebook pricing. Should I price my books at $.99 to get a following or does that cheapen the book and thus attract readers who aren’t interested?

For any of you that bought my first book, was it worth $.99 or would you have been satisfied if it was $2.99.?

I have another series called Gemini which is 5 books long and I’m sure I’ll have the same pricing concerns as that release date approaches in early August.



2 thoughts on “Book pricing?

  1. Donald Roosevelt

    Ray—-SIMPOC 1—is a short story you sold for .99 as an introductory price. I believe it should sell for $2 to $2.50. The next one, if it is the same length I would price the same—-If it is longer I believe you should up the price, pending on the size. The more work the more price.

  2. I would consider $2.99 a fair price for a book on Kindle, and would certainly be prepared to pay it for an author I hadn’t read before. I mean, it’s small change, really. You could always trial the $2.99 and drop it back (and advertise the decrease later)? Or set it at $2.99 and experiment with having a 99c special a little after release?

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