What to name an evil insect?


Great inputs. I particularly like the thought of making the king of the insects a female. In my stories I’ve focused on world building and characters that don’t fit the classic mold. One of my series SIMPOC is about how the “Evil Computer” becomes evil. In this story I have strong female characters and instead of a typical insect population that speaks with hard sounds, these insects speak with a melodic voice.

Some of the current insect characters have names like Irrrm, and Romaa. The current insect king was called just Supreme, but one of my book reviewers said that reminded her of ‘bacon and cheese’. Right now I’m leaning towards something like VanMacca which is a variation of some of your suggestions.

I’m going through the last edit so when I decide on the name I’ll publish it here and let you guys know what it is.




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