Gemini Book Cover – Good?, Bad?


???Well I’m finally getting close to releasing my 5 book series called Gemini. It is a story about a very naive alien race that wonders if there is a planet orbiting opposite to them on the other side of their sun. When they find out the answer it almost destroys them.

Here is the book cover for the first book, and each subsequent book will have the same background but will have II of V, III of V etc.

At lease respond to the poll, but I’d love some feedback.

FYI the yellow symbol is the Astrological symbol for Gemini. :>


4 thoughts on “Gemini Book Cover – Good?, Bad?

  1. It’s a good start, I think. The big issue I see is that especially with the two yellow curves, the eye gets drawn to “I of V” before the series title or the volume title. The color variations in the background art risk washing out some of the letters in the volume title and author name, too — but you’ve minimized that *much* better than I’ve ever been able to accomplish! (Is the b.g. art used here at full size, or is there room to play around with different sizings and placements for it?)

    • Great comments, I like the b.g. art but your right it is washing out the important lettering. I’ve thought about text blocks or reducing the size of the b.g. art but I’m not sure yet. The yellow curves (part of the Gemini symbol) might be too much. Maybe I’ll adjust the symbol , it relates to the story but it might not work in the graphics.

  2. I’d suggest changing “I of V” to “Part 1” and decreasing the font size a lot. It’s not immediately obvious that these are roman numerals, especially in this font. In fact, I was wondering what kind of crazy title “I of V” was until I read in the text that this was part one of a five part series.

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