The Last Ship


What does everyone think of the new series The Last Ship?

I think it’s pretty good and I’m enjoying it. I’m glad to see that they are trying to make it ‘sorta realistic’. I like seeing it on an actual ship and I’m glad to see the women leaders. Let’s hope they keep the story going without getting too weird.

I find it humorous that I have some similar story elements in my book SIMPOC 2 Human Remnants (which will be released 8/1). Not to say they stole my scrip, or I theirs, but when the human population is wiped out by a suspicious virus it’s natural to have the few remaining survivors on ships.

In my book, a big part of the Navy is still viable along with many civilian craft. The president and some of the congressional and military leadership are trapped on a aircraft carrier in the Atlantic.

The humans on the ships along with the returning astronauts from the space station Oasis and moon colony Desert Beach work with the Thinking Computer SIMPOC and start rebuilding the world, until they are faced with an even larger threat which might end humanity entirely.



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