Water Footprint?


I read an interesting article in Scientific American, it talks about our water footprint. How much water we use?’ The article is talking about the water  needed to support the food we eat and the clothes we wear.


Do you realize that one cup of coffee takes about 36 gallons of water to grow the beans. Now take a deep breath and take a look at how much water it takes for a hamburger; would you believe 634 gallons of water to grow the beef, grow the bun and to process and prepare it for you. Yum, yum!

Now for the kicker how much water will it take for you to have a single pair of Levi jeans; would you believe 2641 gallons to grow the cotton, process it, make it into fabric and then make into one pair of jeans.

I also read in a separate source that it takes 50 gallons of water to grown ONE walnut.

Sci Fi writers, this could lead to an interesting story about water wars, or water as a currency, or a society where food and clothing is controlled depending on your water ration. Sounds scarier than an alien invasion.

Just a technical thought for the day.

Ray Jay Writer



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