Gemini Pre Release



“Great world building” – “Great battles” – “Great ending”

GB2 Combined Picture V2 (440x220)

For all of you that are anxious to read a good E-book, I have Gemini in pre-release through Smashwords. Gemini is an interesting story that is more than Sci-Fi, it’s a story about aliens you can relate to and understand. I’ve received very positive comments from people who don’t normally read Sci-Fi, as well as a critical reviewer who loved the world building.

To order it through Smashwords and get the discount prior to its full releaseon 9/12, you’ll have to join Smashwords, which is a good idea for anyone who reads E-books. Amazon is the largest book seller but Smashwords is the largest E-book seller.

Also, buying the book through pre-release really help me. All of the pre-release sales are booked on the release date and it jumps the book way up the best sellers lists and thus many more people see it.
Please check it out.

Link to Smashwords

Remember I have two other books also available; please check them out.




Ray Jay Perreault


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