Gemini – Just Released



The Raog are a successful race of aliens who have a good life. Their planet is bountiful, their families are growing and they have peace. Some of them ask questions about their solar system and Doctor Wong finds clues that another planet is orbiting opposite to them on the other side of their sun.

Like any species would, they send a satellite to see if there is another planet. The good news is, ‘there is another planet’, and the bad news is ‘there is another planet’. Once the satellite finds the other planet, the situation changes rapidly and the peaceful Roag are forced to defend themselves, their civilization, their religion, and their very existence.

Along the way, they must endure violent acts against them. New leaders are forced to emerge and they are forced to change in order to survive. They must adapt, learn new technologies, learn to fight and learn to survive. And most of all they find that their beliefs must grow to reflect the new realities they face.


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