SIMPOC – Parallel Stories


Story Block

Here is a new twist on writing that I’d love some feedback on. In my two novellas in my SIMPOC series I focused on the computers and the characters that had a direct impact on that story line. The characters from the space station Oasis, the moon colony Desert Beach and the President and Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs entered the story at the appropriate points but their stories dealing with the virus attack was mentioned only briefly.

I got feedback from many readers that they would like those stories expanded because of the drama of loosing almost the entire human population to a mysterious virus. Instead of re-writing those two novellas to include these expanded story lines I’m thinking about writing them in an expanded separate book which will take those characters to the same point in time where “SIMPOC – Human Remnants” ends.

With this approach the people who read “SIMPOC – The Thinking Computer” and “SIMPOC – Human Remnants” won’t need to read book 3, which is paralleling that story, unless they’re interested in the parallel story lines. Those that have read the first two books can read book 3 without too much shared story.

What are your comments, should I combine them into one story and re-issue or create this parallel story line?

Let me know.

Ray Jay Perreault


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