Scorpion (CBS) – What a crock of ….


I watched Scorpion on CBS last night and even though the actors did a good job, the show’s use of technology was so sad that it was fantasy.

Being an engineer, teacher and pilot I am so offended by Hollywood’s assumption that we are so technically ignorant that we could watch that without being offended. Unfortunately many people won’t have a clue how ridiculous their “brilliance” was. I can’t even begin to pick apart their efforts to save those stranded airplanes. Literally every technical statement they made was beyond being misleading they were stupid.

I’m surprised the ending didn’t entail writing out the code and passing it to a low flying plane so the pilot could ‘program’ the computers.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that we have to ‘suspend’ reality a little when we are entertained. I don’t mind the occasional actor that wires his wristwatch into a giant computer to save the world, but when the entire show is based on technical statements that are ludicrous, I loose any interest in watching stupid garbage.

But then again, I’ve never seen Hollywood show any technical knowledge. Truth always loses to entertainment and aiming at the assumed lowest level of intelligence. I hope our education system starts producing more technical people so we tell Hollywood what to do with this insulting entertainment.

Ray Jay Perreault “Engineer, pilot and proud of it”


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