Scorpion Second Episode


After my less than enthusiastic comments about the technical quality of the CBS Series Scorpion, I watched the second episode to see how well it did.

Once again, I like the characters, and I do have to admit the second episode was less offensive then the first. I am not a microbiologist so I can’t comment too much on their plot line except from what little I’ve read they can’t tailor the flu virus in the way described. I did read a recent article saying that they were looking at the Anthrax Bacteria as a carrier for cancer treatment; which is interesting.

I did have one problem with the show. One of the characters is supposed to have an amazing mathematical mind along with a photographic memory. In one scene early in the story they showed him standing next to blackboard with VERY SIMPLE math and the obligatory plot with a stupid sine wave. I’m surprised they didn’t have E=MC*2 in the corner trying to impress the audience. Next time they put something in front of that genius I hope they hire someone with more than an Algebra background


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