Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine?


This is an interesting article proposing that Lockheed has a plan to have a small Fusion Reactor with 5 years. Sounds amazing, and this wouldn’t be the first time that an engineer from discipline B says why don’t those guys in A do it this way. Let’s hope they’re right.

From a Sci-Fi author’s perspective this is similar to a Sci-Fi plot that I’ve always wanted to tackle, but it’s too far down my list of projects.

Presume a world dominated by giant energy companies (sound familiar). What would be the political and economic impacts if someone developed FREE power? I think the back ground maneuvering would make for an interesting plot. I can imagine, payoffs, murder, spies, and intrigue.

Growing up my, father was convinced that someone had invented an automobile carburetor that got 100 mpg, but the oil companies bought the patent and wouldn’t produce it. A little farfetched? Perhaps, but it might make an interesting story if the oil companies were suddenly irrelevant.


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