The Black Hole in Interstellar Looks Amazingly Realistic


For any of you black hole enthusiasts, the movie Interstellar, which is due for release on 11/7, has some interesting Sci-Fi information.

The article linked above is to Wired Magazine where the article talks about making the movie Interstellar. The movie generated 800 Terabytes of data to simulate the visuals. A related article in Scientific American points out that the images in the movie of the black hole called “Gangantua” are actually realistic per the opinions of those scientists that can make that claim. It is what a black might actually look like

The article in Scientific American make some interesting points. Apparently there are some types of black holes that could actually open worm holes. Maybe we do have any opportunity for the ‘holy grail’ of Sci-Fi space travel. If a black hole is rotating near the speed of light then it could open a worm hole. True there might be some minor challenges, first getting to the black hole and yes the traveler does have the challenge of avoiding the black hole while entering the worm hole, but hey doesn’t any self-respecting Sci-Fi hero need a challenge or two.

I’m looking forward to this movie, and I’ll be eager to post some comments.

Ray Jay Perreault


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