I went to see this large budget Sci-Fi and I was impressed. I’m not going into the debate on how accurate the science was, but I will say it was intense. It’s not Star Wars.

The build-up takes some time and I find it amusing that an astronaut that turned to farming some years in the past, can jump into a hi-tech rocket and fly to Saturn then through a worm hole to another galaxy without some training. Hey I guess I’m a pessimist.

The only other ‘minor’ issue I had, is their naiveté with Morse code. Many years ago I played with a key and I got up 40-50 characters per minute. I good man on the key can get above 40 words per minute. My concern is, if the main character is going to add to the knowledge of quantum mechanics by sending information by Morse code; I suspect it will take a while. Of course they had all of time in the world but, Hollywood often shows Morse code as the ‘fast’ way to communicate.

Aside from my minor comments, the movie had great special effects and the acting was excellent. Each of the main characters showed their skills.

Ray Jay Perreault


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