Parallel Worlds Could Explain Wacky Quantum Physics


Another great article which is not only worthy of discussion but it might have profound effects.

First off for those of you who haven’t heard of muli-verses, those are an infinite number of parallel universes like ours. Every variation imaginable and they go on forever.

Quantum Physics is the scientific effort to understand reactions at the sub-molecular level. Right now there are interesting things going on that don’t seem logical, but yet they occur. For example one particle performs a certain way and if it is ‘entangeled’ to another particle miles away, any change in particle A instantaneously changes particle B.

A funny thing happens when someone tries to measure sub-particle A. When the measurement is taken, other particles change their reaction. In some ways, it appears that the sub-particle is in two (or more) places at the same time. The position of the ‘other’ particle is described by the ‘wave theory’.

The article above suggests that every time a scientist measures a sub-particle many of the ‘other’ positions actually break off and create separate dimensions which are slightly different from the first.

Wow, that’s a lot to digest. The proposition of the article can’t be proven wrong mathematically, so it may be correct. Parallel or multi-verses can be a very fertile place for Science Fiction writing.

For anyone that thinks quantum physics don’t apply in our lives need look only as far as your flash drive. They are erased using a concept called Quantum Tunneling.

Ray Jay Perreault


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