Another attack on the EPA and public health



Basically what I see is a bill attempting to water-down the opinions of the scientific community with experts(?) who have a vested interest in the outcome and who, incidentally, contribute a great deal of money to those Republican Congressmen. Am I the only one that sees something pretty smelly going on here? The only positive point is, this bill will never make it through the senate and signature.

If you don’t have time to read the article, the bill forbids ‘experts in their fields’ whose papers have passed the review of many others, from testifying in front of the EPT Scientific Advisory Board or (SAB). The opinion of the creator of the bill, is that their testimony is biased and the presenter has a vested interest in what they wrote. He wants ‘industry experts’ to present their dissenting views to balance the input of the scientific community.

Nobody is saying the scientific community is perfect. But that’s why a paper is reviewed many times by people in many related fields of study before they are published. The points in the paper are analyzed by others who may disagree and will do anything they can to find holes in the logic or numbers. When it is passed by that review, then it is published.

Oh wait a minute. I’m totally convinced that a large Oil company will do unbiased research and when they tell me that renewable fuels aren’t good for the ecology; I’ll believe them. After all that is what they told our congressmen and we believe that our congressmen will listen to us instead of their major contributors. (Excuse me while I cough!)

Someday I hope to proudly say that I’m a Republican. But I’m suspect that won’t happen for a while.

I remember a couple of years ago a major oil company advertised how they spent X Millions on renewable energy research. Everyone was impressed until someone discovered that they spent (X times 10) Million advertising it.

Get involved in what your congressmen say and do, and THIINK before you vote. Hopefully they’ll think AFTER you vote.


Ray Jay Perreault


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