My Grand Theory


Now for the BIG theory. I remember, many years ago, in one of my college physics classes we had a discussion about the Uniform Field Theory. Basically it’s an attempt to bring all of the forces together under one theorem. That theory will describe the molecular, electrical, magnetic, and gravitational forces within one definition.

Many similarities have been found and there is an obvious connection between electricity and magnetism but the highest profile outlier has been gravity.

Recent research postulates that even gravity and time might have a constituent particle.

Ok without going on in too much detail I have an opinion which I’m going to weave into many of my Sci-Fi stories. Let me preface it a little. Everywhere in science there is a right and a left. Up and down, and in and out. Seems simple but many sub-atomic particles have mirror images. In fact that is how many of them were found. The scientist found one particle and because it acted unpredictably they found a similar particle but with opposite characteristics.

In science there is always symmetry and balance. Each force tends to have an opposite force. Each action has a re-action. Ok where is this all going?

A recent post I presented in my blog talked about how there are temperatures below absolute zero. When discussions occur about dark mater, anti-matter, quantum mechanics, multi-verses there is always some kind of symbiotic relationship; A is balanced by or reflected by B – there are always opposites. Speculation within quantum mechanics is that the variations they are seeing at the particle level might be some kind of interactions with other dimensions.

Einstein’s theories say that as you approach the speed of light, the FTL power curve shows that mass and energy required increases towards infinity. I wonder if the power curve for FTL travel is reflective and in some multi-verse, energy curves are opposite. In that multi-verse more energy makes the particle move slower. Perhaps we could ‘cross’ over into that universe and exceed the speed of light? As far as I know no one has said that multi-verses have to follow the same laws of physics that ours does.

Just some ridiculous musings of a Sci-fi writer. I want to apologize for making some farfetched extrapolations of very complex principals; but then again isn’t that the fun part of writing science fiction.



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