Has Star Wars ruined sci-fi?


How ‘Star Wars’ ruined sci-fi


I’m not sure if I agree with this CNN author. He feels that the type of science fiction shown in Start Wars has hurt people’s concept of Sci-Fi.

To some degree I agree but from a different direction I believe in the ‘drip effect’. I agree Star Wars is packaged Sci-Fi, it is heavy on entertainment and light on thoughtful science fiction. I do agree with the author, that ‘packaged Hollywood Sci-Fi’ doesn’t do the genre justice, although the author doesn’t blame Hollywood enough for their inability to visualize a good Sci-Fi plot.

The ‘drip effect’ as I mentioned earlier is simple. If you get 50 million people to watch what they think is Sci-Fi, then a certain percentage of them might actually pick a Sci-Fi book up and read it. Then a smaller percentage will feel they discovered something and become Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

I enjoy great Science Fiction and I also enjoy Star Wars. Unfortunately some of the great Sci-Fi takes too much of a commitment to enjoy, and most of the movie going audience doesn’t want to think too much; because it hurts. They would rather be entertained for a short period of time and walk out without their concepts of reality being threatened.

I admit I fall into that category many times. When I want great Sci-Fi I’m willing to sit down and make a commitment to reading and visualizing and visiting the planet or culture, but many times I just want a bucket of pop-corn, and some quality time with my wife and a fun afternoon.


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