Take a dump SO you can go to work.


Take a dump SO you can go to work.

Here is a great article about the energy potential of human waste. Read it the next time you’re on the throne and maybe put it in your next Sci-Fi story.


I never realized how energy packed human waste is. For example I didn’t know that if a person collects all of their urine for a year, they’ll have enough fertilizer to grown all of the grain they need to eat. I guess you can that a closed cycle.

This has been done for centuries in different parts of the world. In China it’s a major part of the energy production in the rural areas. Apparently they have toilets made to separate the key ingredients.

The solid waste we produce is just as productive. Storing it and letting our little bacteria friends work on it turns it into great fertilizer also. While it decomposes it creates bio-methane which is better than natural methane. It burns cleaner and produces the same amount of energy.

The article talks about a bus that runs on bio-methane. So the time spent on the toilet can be productive and it will help you get to work.

I think this material would be great in future human sci-fi. This type of waste management along with a water allotment where people are given a certain amount of water per year and they have to decide on spending 70 gallons for one avocado, or 50 gallons for a walnut is worth it. A fully closed society where 100 percent is recycled. Maybe I’ll put this on my list of stories to write.


Ray Jay Perreault



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