Science Fiction Body Swapping


Science Fiction Body Swapping

When I saw this article I thought of some great science fiction stories. Someone tell me if these have been written.

One civilization works out an agreement with another to swap bodies. Their intellect and personality is traded from one body to another and they learn about each other. The story could get interesting as they get involved in the activities of the alien culture or theirs within our culture.

A variation on this theme is a forceful invasion and an alien robot or device forcibly trades a human with an alien on another world. They invade us by taking over our bodies and sending us to a foreign planet perhaps dying from some catastrophe or super nova.

Or, to continue the invasion theme, we make friends with an alien species and they offer to trade with us for vacations and eventually we find they are pulling the ‘To Serve Man’ trick on us. (For those of you who didn’t see the To Serve Man episode of Twilight Zone – you’ve got to check it out.).

Seems that this story line has some legs; someone go with it.

Ray Jay Perreault



One thought on “Science Fiction Body Swapping

  1. First version sounds like ‘Avatar’ or ‘Starman’ (1984, Jeff Bridges) without the visitor exchange deal.

    Second version is ‘Terminator’ – only that’s through time, not across space.

    The third version reminds me a little of ‘Alien Nation’ (1988, Mandy Patinkin) and the Futurama feature episode ‘Beast With A Billion Backs’ – also the Slurm episode 😀

    You could watch those again and strike out any similarities early on if you were thinking of writing this 🙂

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