Fermi’s pair of sox


The Fermi Paradox


If any of you have wondered why we haven’t heard from another intelligent life form, this article is an excellent summary of the Fermi Paradox.

This whole thing intrigues me along with just about everyone else in the world. If there are as many habitable worlds as current research indicates why we haven’t been contacted by them. The story doesn’t make sense, there are billions of habitable planets in our galaxy and even if a small percentage of them have intelligent life why hasn’t one of them dropped us line?

What is your favorite reason in favor of Fermi or rejecting it?

My favorite is using radio signals as the benchmark of intelligence. The span of time intelligent life uses giant amounts of power transmitting information in every direction must be short. That along with the very narrow sliver of time that we’ve been transmitting and receiving make our chances of finding anything almost impossible.

If any of you fellow Sci-Fi authors (or readers) haven’t looked over Fermi’s musings you must, there is a lot of thought and interesting points made.

I’m following this blog with another that has 11 of the weirdest explanations for Femi’s paradox, which also make for interesting reading.

Ray Jay Perreault



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