‘The World’s End’ – Great old style Sci-Fi Movie


The World’s End


I stumbled across this great Sci-Fi movie last night and I’m glad I did. It reminds me of what pure Sci-Fi is. True it’s British and the humor goes in a different direction but, to me, it represents the essence of good Sci-Fi.

The basic plot is about five middle aged guys trying to re live their last great bar-hopping adventure which was interrupted. I won’t go into the plot but the core of the story is ‘Alien Invasion’.

To me the fundamental element of good Sci-Fi is ‘story’, not ‘special-effects’. To me the story begins with the human story. The Sci-Fi elements play off human strengths and weaknesses. The Sci-Fi element uses those characteristics and builds the story with a surprise at the end.

The World’s End is a comedy and the plot has a number of human issues. The ending is predictable and the plot is pretty simple. In some ways it reminds me of some of the Outer Limit or Twilight Zone stories.

I saw it on Direct TV and if you have it through Direct or some other source I recommend it as a pleasant Sci-Fi diversion. A bucket of pop-corn and a bottle of wine and you’ve got a good night.

Ray Jay Perreault



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