SIMPOC – The First Thinking Computer



Ganzy Link

Ganzy Link

Book 1 of SIMPOC Series

99.9997% of all humans have been wiped out by a very suspicious virus. The commander of the space station Oasis, Joan Herl was forced to abandon the station because of dwindling resources. When they landed on earth they were attacked by another thinking computer who would do anything to protect itself and to continue thinking. Joan and her husband Tom, who was the senior staff engineer on Oasis, and a mobile unit named Alpha must defend the landing crew members from thousands of attaching mobile units controlled by the other computer.

The moon colony Dessert Beach, is trapped as their resources are running out and they must decide when to come home. They have only lifeboats to carry them back to the lifeless earth and what will they find when they enter the atmosphere and land.

The astronauts trapped on the Mars colony Red Dirt are in worse condition. Their systems will break down and resources will run out. Coming home for them is a different story. The lifeboats aren’t made for that purpose and must be rebuilt before the colony breaks down. Should they stay and take their chances on Mars, or should they journey back to earth.



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