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I’m a retired Aeronautical Engineer who is trying to bring a different style to science fiction writing.  I’ve always loved science fiction and I’m trying to write with deeper characters and create stories and situations that a reader can relate to.  To be honest I love a hero that has amazing weapons, takes on hundreds of aliens and can survive anything, but I also want to read a situation and be able to relate to it.  An extrapolation of what might really happen with a little less stretch in my imagination.

I’ve been fortunate and I flew in the US Air Force for 10 years, during which time I flew C-130’s and visited 27 countries, then I flew T-38”s and trained the best pilots in the world, as well as the first female US Air Force pilots.  I then was fortunate to spend 28 years in a major aerospace firm and worked on some of the best programs in the world including the F-23, F-35, B-2, Global Hawk and many I can’t tell you about….

I hope I can bring my real life experiences into my writing so you can appreciate my work


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I, too, easily tire of novels where the battles and fight scenes seem to go on forever, pumping up the page count but adding little. Good luck! I’m heading over to your Gemini page next.

  2. Thanks for following my blog Ray Jay. I do appreciate it. Please feel free to comment or submit a post. If it is germain and well written it will be published on the blog.
    I also write in the SF genre although not so much in the space opera style as you outline your thoughts. I attempt the so called “hard” science fiction. Hope to see more of you and perhaps we can be of help to each other.

    • I’ll check your blog out and spend more time on it. I like both genres, I enjoy HSF because as an Aeronautical Engineer and AF Pilot, I enjoy carrying the tech into the future and imagining what it will be like. When Gemini comes out, you’ll see that most of it is pretty low tech, and mostly in the SF opera setting. In SIMPOC, I’ve taken current neuroscience and computer tech and extrapolated it into the near future. Sort of a HSF with a little military SF. My stories will likely touch a little of all the genres.

  3. Thank you, Ray Jay for “Following the Dream”. I am excited to meet another fiction writer especially one with your back ground. Should make for some pretty groovy stories. Looking forward to them 🙂

  4. Thank you for following my latest novel, Ray. I too am interested in both aircraft and sci-fi. In fact, the novel I’m writing after the current one combines both concepts. Hope to have your company for that one as well…Mick Dawson

  5. Thank you for the follow! It is so exciting to see that someone is doing different things in science fiction; its also nice to hear from a fellow aviator!

    I was just lamenting the other day about how difficult it is to find humorous science fiction. It seems like most of it is geared towards the big wars and MacGyver-esk heroes. I am excited to read your Gemini series and congratulations on the pending publication!

      • Oh see now I am even more excited about reading your series. Most of my short stories center around aviation and aviation history so I am a big fan of that type of writing. I’ll definitely refer anyone who needs input to you.

  6. An interesting premise, hope you can pull it off! Thanks for the follow. I’m a history/fantasy rather than sci fi reader most of the time but heh you could change my mind! Couldn’t see any examples of your writing on my quick browse, but will drop by for a better look later.

    • I have only one book available right now on Amazon. It is called SIMPOC and FYI 6/27 through 6/29 it will be FREE, so you’ll have a chance to check out my writing. This first book is myfirst while I have 6+ in the pipeline behind it. Within the SIMPOC series I have another coming out in about 2 weeks, (That’s why I’m doing the promo this weekend). The other series, Gemini, has 5 books and will start being released as soon as I can get it out of the reviewer’s sticky fingers.

      You’ll find that I’m going in a different direction with Sci-Fi. I’m doing more worldbuilding and character building. Less on the battles, but when I get to the battles you’ll know the aliens and understand them. I also try to take a different path, you can always find an evil computer, but no on has written about how the computer became evil. That is what the SIMPOC series is doing. To be honest it was a little challenging to cover a nascent computer.

  7. Aetherielle

    Thanks for following. It’s been awhile since I’ve chewed on some serious scifi. I’ll certainly check out your book.

  8. firecook

    Hello and nice to meet you.. Thank you for following me. I am an Air force Brat my father was in Air force for awhile (Frist Army Air Corp) .Your the book sounds interesting .Have a nice Evening

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