Gemini (Just Released)





Book 1 of the Gemini Series (Just Released)

How do you feel when you ask a question and the answer almost kills you?

Like any species would, they sent a satellite to see if there was another planet on the other side of their sun. The good news, ‘there was another planet’, and the bad news, ‘there was another planet’. Once they found the other planet, the situation changed rapidly and the peaceful Raog were forced to defend themselves, their civilization, their religion, and their very existence.

“Ilana left her meeting structure … and looked up and almost shrieked at what she saw. There was a giant structure lowering itself from the sky of Varo. It made enough noise that Ilana’s hearing was hurting, and it caused the soil to shake beneath her feet. The structure had tremendous clouds of smoke, and flames coming from its bottom that lit the sky and ground around her it as it descended.”

Along the way, they endured violent acts against them. New leaders emerged and their society was forced to change in order to survive. They had to adapt, learn new technologies, and learn to fight. And most of all they found that their beliefs had to grow to reflect the new realities they faced.


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