SB3I’m making great progress on my next books in the SIMPOC series. I’ve just about finished the Alpha draft, which means that it is about 185,000 words. I have a good Beta draft and I’m looking for Beta Readers.

Beta Readers GET:

1) Free copy of the book. (Although buying a copy after the last set of changes is highly encouraged.)

2) They get to suggest anything, change the flow of story, add story lines, delete story lines, expand segments, shorten segments. Pretty much anything is fair game.

3) Suggest they use MS word which will enable them to mark any sections and comment.

4) I’m releasing 6 novellas that vary in size from 25K words to 35K words. The total word count for the six books are about 185K words.

5) Anyone interested? Email me at I’ll limit the number of Beta readers so put a quick note in why you will do a good job and help out an aspiring author.


In SIMPOC Virus I’m taking a different direction, please feel free to comment.

In the first two books “SIMPOC-The first thinking computer” and “SIMPOC-Human remnants” were following the development of the two computers and later I introduced Joan and Tom Herl from the space station Oasis, President Patterson and Admiral Hagerly on an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic, Bill Thompson and his wife Sally from the moon colony Desert Beach, and lastly Ophelia and her husband Issac on the Mars colony Red Dirt. The suspicious virus which wiped out 99.9997% of the human race was in the back ground supporting the main story. The impacts of the virus occurring in the additional character’s story lines occurred before they were introduced.

On the space station Oasis I mentioned the loss of most of the crew when the virus hit and on the moon they were just observers as the virus progressed and finally they had to consider whether to abandon the colony. Obviously President Patterson and Admiral Hagerly would have had a major story dealing with the collapse of humanity, but I only introduced them at the point where their interaction with SIMPOC and the other computer needed their story line.

I’m also introducing a new antagonist by the name of Dmitry. He is a pretty sick person that is taking advantage of the human situation. He is ruthless and will do anything he must to get what he wants.

I had many comments suggest that those stories would also be interesting, so SIMPOC Virus will be developing those stories and how they dealt with the virus. The entire six book novella series will have six books that vary in size from 25K words to 35K words.

I’ll end up with two paths to book 5. SIMPOC 1 & 2 will be stories focused more on the computers. SIMPOC Virus will have the same stories but expanded a great deal. If a reader is interested in how the virus wipes out humanity they have the option of reading SIMPOC Virus.

I haven’t decided on either a cover or title yet, I might even change the title as it has little to do with the development of the computers up until the end.

Love to have your comments, good, bad or indifferent.


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