SIMPOC 2 Human Remnants

Click here to purchase and download

Click here to purchase and download

SIMPOC – Human Remnants which is the second book in the SIMPOC series will be released on 8/1.

99.9997% of all humans have been wiped out by a very suspicious virus. The commander of the space station Oasis, Joan Herl is forced to abandon the station because of dwindling resources. When they land on earth they are attacked by another thinking computer who will do anything to protect itself and to continue thinking.

The moon colony Dessert Beach, is trapped as their resources are running out and they are forced to come home. They have only lifeboats to carry them back to the lifeless earth and what will they find when they enter the atmosphere and land.

The astronauts trapped on the Mars colony Red Dirt are in worse condition. Their systems will break down and resources will run out. Coming home for them is a different story. The lifeboats aren’t made for that purpose and must be rebuilt before the colony breaks down. Should they stay and take their chances on Mars, or should they journey back to earth.

Finally the space crews are able contact the few remaining government officials who are trapped on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. How can they begin to build a new Earth?

The answer to all of their questions arrives in the sky over them. Now they are faced with the extinction of the human race.

Exciting second book of a new series on Amazon. It will make a great weekend read. I hope you enjoy it; it has great reviews.


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