Warp 6 here we come!


How To Find Faster-Than-Light Particles

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Wow am I brilliant ;>). I wrote a blog late in November which talked about how everything in nature is balanced and I surmised that if we have a curve describing how mass increases as you add energy and approach the speed of light then we must have another particle where mass decreases and it loses energy beyond the speed of light. Well here it is and now I have a possible explanation for FTL (Faster than light travel) in my next book.

My brilliance aside, this is very interesting and their discussion about how these particles have imaginary mass is also interesting. The article also noted that squaring an imaginary mass will yield a negative mass. If you notice negative mass is required for the Alcubierre Drive which is another theoretical method for FTL which is being investigated by NASA.

We’re getting closer, Warp 6 here we come.

Ray Jay Perreault



Interview with Eat Sleep Write



If any of you are interested in reading an interview that I did for Eat Sleep Write, here is a link to it. If you want to agree, disagree, laugh at or comment on my responses; go for it.


Ray Jay Perreault

Gemini I to be released Friday


Gemini I the first of a 5 book series will be available on Amazon KD on Friday 5/23. This is the first of 5 part series which chronicles the pain a simple society must go through when they find a twin planet orbiting their sun. They must deal with truths of survival they haven’t had to deal with in their history. The Raog society must change to survive.